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Swiss Activities is the largest leisure activities platform in Switzerland

With us you will find all side activities in Switzerland in addition to the well-known outdoor, indoor and family activities. The division of leisure activities at Swiss Activities is intended to be an inspiration platform for what you can experience in Switzerland, in addition to concrete search results such as paragliding, stand up paddle, e-mountain bike, city tours and much more. All our activities can be easily searched and booked directly. Here you can find our inspiration video of Swiss Activities:

We have 4 main activities where you can find on our platform:

Water activity

Water activities are particularly inviting in warm temperatures in summer. Water activities can be leisurely like a boat trip on Lake Lucerne or, if it's an adventure, wakeboarding, wakesurfing or windsurfing. Stand Up Paddle, where you have to practice your balance, is also becoming increasingly popular.

Mountain activity

With its 65'000 km Switzerland is a hiking country. In 2018, over 80% of the Swiss population once used a hiking trail. Mountain biking is becoming increasingly popular. But also e-mountain bike tours are a new discovery of the Swiss population and for the very sporty ones there is trail running in the mountains.

Air activity

Blue Sky is a greeting for skydivers and paragliders which means good weather for the flight. Switzerland offers a wide range of activities in the air. For example, a paragliding flight or an adrenaline-fuelled parachute jump. Despite the breathtaking mountains in Switzerland, not many Swiss people take the opportunity to take a helicopter flight over the Jungfrau region or circle the Matterhorn. Probably a completely underestimated leisure activity in Switzerland and very well known on travel pictures of Bagan, Myanmar: a balloon ride. Instead of temples, there are fascinating overflights in Central Switzerland, Central Plateau to the crossing of the Alps to Italy.

City activity

All Swiss cities offer a variety of Swiss culture, tradition and history. For example, tour guides show you the sights of the city, tell you about historical battles or you visit a traditional company like a chocolate factory. Environmentally friendly means of transport such as Segways or E-Scotters also offer an unforgettable city tour.

Switzerland offers an incredibly wide range of leisure activities. At Swiss Activities we aim to inspire people for new activities and to bring new regions closer.

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