Männlichen – A visit to Lieselotte the cow


Popular with mountain bikers, Männlichen is a mountain peak in the Bernese Pre-Alps and 2,342 metres high.

Two mountain railways provide access to Männlichen: from Grindelwald in the east and from Wengen in the west.

  • The view from Männlichen of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau triumvirate is breathtaking.
  • Skiers and snowboarders can quickly reach the Männlichenski area by cable car.
  • A magnificent mountain panorama attracts hikers to the area around Männlichen in summer and into autumn, which is suitable for easy and moderately difficult tours.

Popular activities

Männlichen is a popular excursion area all year round. The mountain peak can be reached very quickly from Grindelwald as well as from Wengen. Onfoot, Männlichen is reached from Grindelwald via a road in about a four-hour walk. From Wengen it takes about three hours on a narrow and steep footpath to reach Männlichen.

Männlichen-Berghaus by bc

Many excursionists use the mountain restaurant because of the particularly impressive view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau from here.

Winter activities

Helicopter tours of the Alps can also be booked. There are also children’ s ski schools at Männlichen. The Gemsentrophy is a sporting competition. Anyone who reaches the top station faster than 75 minutes gets a free return journey to Wengen. To do this, the participant’s card must be stamped at the valley station, at the Parwengi checkpoint and on arrival at the mountain station. By handing in the card to the railway staff, everyone automatically takes part in the competition.

Summer activities

Festivals and events

Alpine playground and themed trails on Männlichen

Cow Lieselotte at Berghaus Männlichen by ml


The Sennen playground is located directly at the Männlichen mountain lodge. It has swings, a seesaw, small trampolines, climbing facilities and a bowling alley with balls. Next to it is a huge cow that immediately catches the eye. The cow is called Lieselotte and is said to come from a small village in Germany. She is on holiday in Switzerland. Lieselotte is 8.5 metres high and made of wood and steel. It can be explored inside and out, has a slide and a viewing platform. Parents can see directly onto the playground from the sun terrace of the Berghaus.

“Lieselotte Trail” Männlichen – Holenstein

The Lieselotte Trail leads from Männlichen to Holenstein. It is designed as a theme and adventure trail and is suitable for the whole family, but not for prams. The trail begins with Lieselotte the cow, who also has her say at each of the 13 stations. Her friends, the chickens, support her. The children learn how a cow is milked or how to blow an alphorn. The path leads down about 600 metres and takes 1.5 hours. The path, which is easy in this direction, is suitable for June to October. In the opposite direction it becomes more difficult to walk, as then 600 metres of ascent have to be mastered. From Holenstein the mountain railway goes down to Grindelwald.


“Öpfelchüechliweg” Holenstein – Brandegg

The Öpfelchüechliweg provides information on the subject of apples. The hike begins in Holenstein (1,624 m) and leads past six information boards in front of a beautiful backdrop. The gondola takes you to Holenstein from Grindelwald, Holenstein is the middle station of the cable car. The trail takes about 1.5 hours. The path leads past alpine pastures and meadows strewn with flowers. Narrow mountain paths and alpine roads are easy to hike. On the way, there is a barbecue area in the cool forest where you can grill your own food. The discovery experience and information boards contain games that teach a lot about the fruit. They are designed as questions and answers. The last section is slightly uphill. However, it is an easy hike that is also good to walk in summer because of the alternation of cool forest and open clearings. Having arrived at the Brandegg mountain restaurant (1,330 m), the Öpfelchüechli (apple cakes) with vanilla sauce freshly prepared there should be tasted. For good measure, there is a view of the mountain world from the beautiful sun terrace.

With the mountain railway to Männlichen

The mountain railways take visitors to the Männlichen summit within a few minutes. The service starts daily at 8 am from Grindelwald and 8:15 am from Wengen.

from Wengen by cable car in 5 min

Männlichen Bahn by mb

The Wengen-Männlichen aerial cableway is an octogenarian gondola. Built in 1999, the cable car received new cabins with a viewing platform at the beginning of the 2018/19 season. From the bottom station in Wengen, the cable car climbs more than nine hundred metres in altitude to the top station. The length of the route is just under two kilometres. In summer, Royal Ride is offered on the open-air balcony of the cabin. Facts:

  • 1.281 m altitude Wengen valley station
  • 2.230 m altitude Männlichen top station
  • 1.915 m length
  • 919 m altitude difference
  • 860 people / hour

V-Bahn Grindelwald Grund – Männlichen in 19 min

The 10-seater gondola lift replaced the old aerial cableway in 2019, which still took 30 minutes to reach the top station. The new gondola lift covers the distance to the summit of Männlichen in only 19 minutes.

Grindelwald Bahn Männlichen by jz

The gondola lift operates in a single-rope circulating system and is part of the Jungfrau region’s V-project. With a speed of 6m/sec, it climbs 1,282 metres in altitude. Facts:

  • 947 m altitude Grindelwald Grund valley station
  • 1.624 m Middle station in Holenstein
  • 2.229 m altitude Männlichen top station
  • 6.100 m length
  • 1.282 m difference in altitude
  • 111 gondolas
  • 1800 people / hour

The new 10-seater gondola lift replaced two cable cars built in 1978. The modern terminal of the valley station is also the starting point of the cable car to the Eiger and has parking spaces as well as a connection to the Bernese Oberland Railways (BOB) via the new Rothenegg station.

Männlichen: Läger chairlift by sr

Männlichen chairlifts at a glance

All the cable cars and lifts on Männlichen can be seen on the piste map.

Männlichen chairlift

The Männlichen chairlift (built in 1990) is a detachable 4-seater high-speed chairlift with covers. From the valley station at 1,795 m it travels in just under seven minutes to the Männlichen mountain station at 2,229 m, covering 434 metres in altitude over a length of just under two kilometres. The chairlift runs daily from 8:30 am.

Läger chairlift

The Läger chairlift (built in 2003) is also a 4-seater high-speed chairlift with canopies that can be coupled. It runs from the valley station at an altitude of 1,805 metres to 2,251 metres above the mountain stations of the cable cars. It climbs 446 metres in altitude over a length of more than two kilometres. The Läger chairlift runs daily from 8:45 am.

Skiing and snowboarding

The ski season at Männlichen starts in the first week of December and ends around mid-April. The Grindelwald/Wengen ski area is open from the beginning of December to mid-April.

The piste map of the Grindelwald-Wengen ski area shows all the currently open pistes, cable cars and lifts. The terrain is pleasantly wide and the pistes are regularly groomed. A snowmaking system ensures that the snow is replenished if it doesn’t snow enough. The lifts and cable cars are modern and operate at short intervals. Against the backdrop of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, the ski areas are networked and allow direct access to the Kleine Scheidegg and Wengen lifts.

Lauberhorn race

On Männlichen, the Lauberhorn race takes place every January. It lasts three days and a visit can easily be combined with a day of skiing at Männlichen.

Ski lifts at Männlichen

Tschuggen ski lift

The Tschuggen T-bar lift has a T-bar/anchor. It was built in 1966 and starts at an altitude of 1,707 metres. Up to the top station at 2,045 metres, it climbs 345 metres in altitude over a length of about 1.5 kilometres. The transport takes about eleven minutes at 2.5 metres per second. The Tschuggen ski lift runs in the winter season in the morning from 9:00 am.

Männlichen ski lift

The Männlichen platter lift climbs 44 metres in altitude over a length of 330 metres. The ride takes about 2.5 minutes. It was built in 2018. The ski lift runs daily from 9:00 a.m. in the winter season.

Helicopter flights Männlichen

Helicopter flights are primarily booked because of the good view of the four-thousand-metre peaks Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The flight almost always takes you over the Männlichen Group and the Wengen-Grindelwald ski area.

Helicopter flight Männlichen-Eiger by hf

There are various providers and different flight bases for this region, some of which are listed here:

Helicopter flight

Helikopterflug is a provider of helicopter flights with several flight bases. The airport in Lauterbrunnen is used for the Jungfrau/Männlichen flight area.

North face of the Eiger

The take-off point is the Lauterbrunnen airfield. The flight itself takes about 13-15 minutes. The flight is carried out with five passengers. It goes from Zweilütschinen through the Grindelwald valley, flies over the Männlichen ski area and on to the Eiger north face. The flight returns to Lauterbrunnen via the Grindelwald holiday region.


The helicopter flight, which also departs from Lauterbrunnen, takes about 20 minutes. The flight initially follows the same route as the flight to the Eiger North Face, but continues from there to the Jungfrau. It then returns to Lauterbach via Silberhorn and Wengen.

Swiss Helicopter

Helicopters fly from Gsteigwiler airport near Interlaken, and in winter from Männlichen to carry out sightseeing flights in the Jungfrau region. Flights go from all 14 flight bases to the Männlichen ski area and from Belp to the Mutthornhütte. Other flights from/from or over Männlichen are offered online by Swiss Helicopter.

Great Glacier Flight UNESCO World Heritage Site

This round flight takes you from Gsteigwiler via Zweilütschinen and Grindelwaldtal to the north face of the Eiger. It continues over the Mittellegi Ridge to the south side, over the Eismeer, the Ewigschneefeld and the Konkordiaplatz. Then Lötschenlücke, Petersgrat and Schilthorn are flown over before returning to Gsteigwiler. From Männlichen (only in winter) the flight begins at the Eiger north face and then also leads over the Mittellegigrat to the south side. Then it continues over Eismeer, Ewigschneefeld, Konkordiaplatz, Lötschenlücke and Petersgrat. From the Silberhorn it flies on to the Jungfrau north side and Kleine Scheidegg and finally ends back in Männlichen. This sightseeing flight takes place with a minimum of 4 people.

Flight to the Männlichen ski area

You can fly directly to the Männlichen ski area by helicopter. Beforehand, coffee and croissants are served at the flight base, for example in Gordola on Lake Maggiore. The day ticket is included in the price and at the end of the day there is a small aperitif before take-off. The flight is carried out for a minimum of 3 persons. Swiss Helicopter has 14 flight bases. Times:

  • 08:15 hrs at the base, departure 8:30 hrs
  • 15:30 hrs aperitif, departure 16 hrs

Mutthorn hut

Flights to the Mutthornhütte are operated from Belp air base. Via Thun, Interlaken and the Männlichen skiing area, the route goes to the Eiger North Face. From here the helicopter flies on over the Eiger glacier, past the Mönch and Jungfrau to the Silberhorn. After Breithorn and Tschingelhorn, the helicopter lands at the Mutthornhütte, an SAC hut. It stands at 3,000 metres above sea level. Lunch or a snack can be eaten on the terrace with an impressive view. The way back is via the Gasterental or the Kiental. The pure flying time is about 50 minutes, the whole excursion takes two hours. This excursion only takes place in summer from mid-June to mid-September. As ten minutes are spent walking over ice and snow, sturdy shoes are very important.

Hiking or sledging

The routes used as popular hiking trails on Männlichen in summer are popular for winter hiking and in some cases as tobogganing routes in winter. Hiking trail 61 between Männlichen and Holenstein is also open for Summer Gemel (summer tobogganing). The hiking map gives a good overview of all hiking possibilities. For winter, the piste map is a good guide to the 8 toboggan runs and 8 winter hiking trails (scroll down).

Männlichen vantage point by oa

Hiking trail no. 60 Royal Walk Männlichen – Männlichen summit

Only 900 metres long, this hiking trail starts at the top station of the cable car coming up from Grindelwald and passes the top station of the Wengen cable car. The hike takes about 25 minutes with 122 metres of altitude to climb. It is classified as moderately difficult, as it leads well uphill despite being pleasantly short. The trail probably gets its name Royal Walk from the majestic view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The view also extends to the Breithorn, as far as Lake Thun and the Wetterhorn. The hiking trail is also open for sledging.

Hiking trail no. 61 Easy Männlichen – Holenstein

This easy hiking trail is also popular for a winter hike. The trail leads along the road and starts at the mountain station of the cable car and is groomed in winter. Holenstein is reached after just under six kilometres. From here you can take the gondola lift down into the valley to Grindelwald. The trail leads along the Läger ski bar. The trail leads steadily downhill and covers about 600 metres in altitude over the entire distance. It is also suitable for sledging and summer tobogganing (Summer Gemel).

Hiking trail no. 63 Männlichen – Kleine Scheidegg

This hike is popular in winter. It starts at the mountain station of the mountain railway and leads via Tschuggen to Kleine Scheidegg. There are 224 metres of ascent and 390 metres of descent over a distance of about six kilometres. It is a moderately difficult hike that requires good physical condition. On the first section, hikers and sledders share the same path in winter.

Hiking trail no. 67 Holenstein – Grindelwald Grund

The trail from Holenstein to Grindelwald Grund is a good six kilometres long. It leads along the Itramenstrasse and crosses Ski Run 3 several times. It is not prepared as a toboggan run in winter and is therefore not suitable for tobogganing. The trail is an easy hike that leads exclusively downhill.

Snowshoe tours on Männlichen

Some snowshoe tours already start in Grindelwald. To go on a trail with snowshoes on Männlichen, it is best to take the mountain railway. The best time for snowshoe tours is between December and March.

Männlichen -Eigerblick by jf

Eiger Trail No. 7 from Holenstein to Brandegg

On this route, the view of the Eiger north face dominates and fascinates. Six kilometres with only slight inclines totalling about 125 metres of ascent make the trail an easy snowshoe hike. It starts at the middle station of the Männlichen mountain railway and ends in Brandegg at the Wengernalpbahn. The “summer” Eiger Trail takes a different route.

Aspen Trail No. 6 to Vorsassi

Aspen can be reached hourly via bus line 123 from Grindelwald train station. The moderately difficult snowshoe tour is only 1300 metres long, but includes 219 metres of ascent on this short route. It first leads uphill over snow-covered mats in the direction of Moosgaden. The trail then follows the snow-covered forest road to Vorsassi at the lower part of the Itramenwald. Here the trail meets the Eiger Trail No. 7. The Eiger Trail leads to Holenstein on the right and to Brandegg on the left.

Summer Hikes

The hiking map shows a good overview of all hiking possibilities.

Männlichen Panoramawanderung by oa

Panorama trail to Kleine Scheidegg

From the Männlichen mountain station, the tour runs south along the Höhenweg and is 4.6 km long. The easy hike takes 1.5 hours and is particularly popular because of the fantastic views. The trail leads almost exclusively downhill. At the same altitude along the eastern flank of Tschuggen, you come to Honegg and via Rotstöckli to Kleine Scheidegg. This trail is accessible from June to October. The Wengernalpbahn takes you back to Grindelwald.

Romantic trail from Männlichen to Alpiglen

The Romantic Trail begins almost parallel to the Panorama Trail at the Männlichen mountain station, but then heads off to the east. Via the Teufenschlucht gorge, Alp Gummi, Alp Bustiglen and Arvengarten, the trail leads to Alpiglen. All in all, the moderately difficult hike is just over seven kilometres long and takes about 2.5 hours. From Alpiglen you can take the Wengernalpbahn back to Grindelwald. The hike is possible from June to October.

Chamois trail from Wengen to Männlichen

The ascent from Wengen is 6 kilometres with 950 metres of ascent. The demanding hike requires a good level of fitness. Gassen is reached shortly after Wengen. A serious landslide occurred here in 1971. Via the Parawengi junction, the panoramic ascent leads to the Männlichen plateau. This trail can be hiked from June to October. It is called the chamois trail because chamois can regularly be seen on this stretch.

Royal Walk and Jungfrau Eiger Walk

Three short hikes between Männlichen and the Eiger Glacier are combined to form a show tour:

  • Royal Walk
  • High trail Männlichen-Kleine Scheidegg
  • Jungfrau Eiger Walk

The tour starts at the Männlichen mountain station and ends at the Eiger glacier. This makes a total of 8.6 kilometres, which is also a moderately difficult tour due to 420 metres of ascent.

Männlichen – Kleine Scheidegg – Grindelwald

This hike is more than 15 kilometres long and descends almost 1500 metres in altitude. It is classified as a medium-difficulty hike that can be done from April to October.

Mountain biking and summer tobogganing (Gemel) on Männlichen

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is not always permitted everywhere. At weekends and between Wengen and Kleine Scheidegg, the bike must be pushed if necessary. Mountain railways do not take mountain bikes! A bike and Bicycle map of Grindelwald shows the most beautiful tours. https://youtu.be/QqmGwv_e5No

KtBE Grindelwald – Männlichen – Zweilütschinen

The medium-difficulty tour covers almost 42 kilometres and includes almost 2000 metres of ascent and 2300 metres of descent. The trail leads from Grindelwald (train station) – Kleine Scheidegg – Männlichen mountain station – Chilchenstein – Wengen (high trail above the village) – Spätenalp – Burglauenen to Zweilütschinen (train station). Attention: the route passes three nature reserves. The Bernese Oberland Railway (BOB) runs between Zweilütschinen and Grindelwald about every twenty minutes and takes about 24 minutes.

Kleine Scheidegg

This mountain bike tour starts in Zweilütschinen at the Bernese Oberland Railway station and leads along the cogwheel railways for long stretches. Via Gündlischwand – Lütschental, it turns off towards Aspen shortly before the valley station of the Männlichen cable car, even before Grindelwald. The trail continues via the Bielwaldweg to Arven and Wengernalp and back via Wengen. The medium-difficulty tour is about 35 kilometres long. It climbs and descends more than 1600 metres in altitude.

Grindelwald – Männlichen (summit)

This mountain bike tour ends at the summit of Männlichen, the return journey is the same way. The ascent is very challenging with about 1,300 metres of altitude difference, but free of motorised traffic. An asphalt road leads up to the Männlichen mountain hotel. A further hundred metres or so in altitude are covered on passable gravel to the summit, the last stretch even on foot. Sturdy shoes are important. The best time for this tour is from July to October.

KtBE Grindelwald-Männlichen-Grindelwald

The ride, which is classified as a difficult tour, starts and ends in Grindelwald. It is 37 kilometres long and includes 2000 metres of ascent and 2100 metres of descent. The route runs via the Mättenberg bridge – Aspen -Tschuggen -Kleine Scheidegg – Berghaus Männlichen – Wengen and via the Schildboden trail back to Grindelwald. Attention: the nature reserves Feldmoos, In Erlen and Sattelegg / Am undren Brand lie along the trail.

Summer Gemel on Männlichen

With a Summer Gemel (also known as a mountain cart) you can ride down the descent between the Männlichen mountain station and the Holenstein middle station in summer. The route for the Summer Gemel starts at an altitude of 2,225 metres and leads down about 600 metres over a length of 6 kilometres.

Summer Gemel at Männlichen by jz

Tickets are available at the mountain railway shops in Wengen, Grindelwald or directly at the Männlichen mountain station. The Gemel sledge is issued in the Pit Shop at the top station and must be returned in person at the Holenstein middle station.


  • 30-45 min travel time
  • 6 km route
  • 600 metres altitude difference Downhill
  • 10 years minimum age (if accompanied by an adult)
  • 130 cm minimum height

Opening hours

From 10.00 – 16.00 (Friday – Sunday) Last briefing at 13.45 hrs

Entry fee 2021:

Adults CHF 35.- (max. 80 kg) Children CHF 25.-

Mountain huts, restaurants and ski bars

Männlichen by oa

Several mountain restaurants are open in summer and winter. Ski bars are added in winter. After a hike, several ski or toboggan tours, sun terraces are ideal for resting and soaking up the sun. Everywhere on Männlichen and in the entire Grindelwald-Wengen ski area, the necessary catering is provided.

Männlichen mountain lodge

Berghaus Männlichen stands on the ridge directly between the Grindelwald valley and the Lauterbrunnen valley.

Berghaus Männlichen by fb

The Berghaus is open in summer and winter and also offers overnight accommodation in single, double and triple rooms. It is 2,225 metres above sea level. In summer, several hiking trails start here, in winter it is located in the middle of the skiing area. The restaurant offers Swiss specialities and has a large sun terrace and a snow bar in winter. In summer, the Sennen playground is open.

The following seating is available

  • Panorama restaurant with 320 seats
  • Tschuggenstube with 130 seats
  • Eigerstube with 96 seats
  • Alpenstübli with 34 seats
  • Arvenstübli with 28 seats
  • Large terrace with almost 400 seats


Vorsass Stuba Ski Resort Männlichen by vs

The Vorsass Stuba is located on the valley slope 3 between Holenstein and Grindelwald in the Männlichen ski area. The sledging and hiking trail from Hohlenstein to Grindelwald and the snowshoe trail pass nearby. There is a large terrace and 40 indoor seats with a stove. Open from mid-December to Easter daily 9:30 am to 5 pm.

Ski bar Läger on Männlichen

Skibar Läger am Männlichen by fb

During the winter season, mainly snacks and small snacks (hot and cold) are offered here. The ski bar is located not far from the Läger chairlift.

Restaurant Eigernordwand – Kleine Scheidegg station

Kl Scheidegg Eigernordwand Männlichen by sr

The restaurant stands at 2,070 metres above sea level at the Kleine Scheidegg station. In addition to a serviced restaurant, there is also self-service. In addition to Swiss specialities, a selection of Asian dishes is offered. The view of the Eiger North Face gave the restaurant its name.

Mountain Restaurant Brandegg

Brandegg am Männlichen by br

The Brandegg mountain restaurant is situated at an altitude of 1,335 metres at the foot of the Wetterhorn. Several hiking trails lead past here, for example the Öpfelchüechli trail. It can be reached directly by the Wengernalp Railway. There are 180 seats in the restaurant here and a further 280 seats on the terrace. In winter, the Eiger Run toboggan run and the Kleine Scheidegg-Grindelwald ski slope run alongside the mountain restaurant. It is also accessible via winter hiking trails.

Holzer Bar

Holzerbar Männlichen by hb

The rustic Holzer Bar can be reached on the Tschuggen – Kleine Scheidegg – Grindelwald valley run. Here you can get Holzhacker bacon, Chäsbrätel, alpine cheese, mulled wine, Holdrio and more. The Holzer Bar is located about 300 metres above the Aspen Restaurant.

Restaurant Aspen

Aspen by sr

The restaurant of the Hotel Aspen is open all year round. It has an indoor restaurant and an alpine parlour for 25 people as well as a large sun terrace. Only a few metres along the Itramenstrasse is the Jägerstübli restaurant. Here you can get burgers and nuggets. Bus 123 takes you from Grindelwald train station to Aspen every hour.

Starter Bar

Star-Bar Lauberhorn Männlichen by fb

At the start of the Lauberhorn downhill run, at 2320 m, is the Start Bar. The sun terrace has a direct view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Grilled specialities are served here.

Mary’s Café/Hexehüsli

Hexehüsli Männlichen by sr

The Hexehüsli is located at the finish of the Lauberhorn downhill run, about 1 km outside Wengen in the Schiltwald. The menu includes typical Swiss specialities and daily changing lunch menus. The homemade cakes are very popular.

Tips, times, prices


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