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Llama and Alpaka Trekking

Llama trekking and Alpaca trekking is a great family activity. The beautiful and curious animals are suitable for almost every event, be it a child’s birthday party, wedding or school trip. A walk with the animals through the mountains or along meadows and rivers is a special experience for young and old.

Whether a walk or a demanding trekking, possibly combined with a boat tour, geocaching or even a cable car ride, some tour providers make almost every customer wish come true. However, you cannot ride on llamas or alpacas. Occasionally, trekking for wheelchair users is also offered.

In any case, you should remember to bring weatherproof clothing and comfortable hiking boots. In most cases you will also bring your own food.

What costs do you have to expect for an alpaca/lama trekking tour?

The llama and alpaca trekkings are billed very differently. There are already very small trekking tours of one hour duration for which you pay per person from 15 Swiss Francs. The condition for these prices is a participation of at least four persons.

Other organizers charge per animal and require between 25 and 50 CHF for four persons per hour. If you have six or more people, you can calculate between CHF 100 and 360 per day. Special tours such as combined boat or cable car rides cost a little more, depending on the number of participants and special features.

Some llama or alpaca farms let children under the age of four join in free of charge, others even under the age of nine.


Are alpacas and llamas dangerous?

You should be careful if a male kitten approaches you too closely and does not keep the approximately ten centimeter “decency distance”. It is not trustful if such an animal leans on you, rubs against you or drills its nose into your crotch. Animals also usually avoid you when you run towards them.

A too strong proximity to humans in the early youth of male llamas and alpacas can lead to the so-called Berserk-Male-Syndrome. An animal that has this syndrome recognizes humans as rivals and can become very aggressive. But don’t worry, the experienced breeders recognize such a thing very quickly and take these animals out of the herd.


What clothing and equipment do you need?

For llama or alpaca trekking you usually need for day trips: Firm and comfortable hiking boots with good profile Catering Sun protection Rain cover For tours lasting several days you will also need

  • Light sleeping bag
  • Hat and gloves
  • Pet bottle to refill or thermos bottle
  • Cosmetic products
  • Clothing to change

In any case, please also note the details of the respective trekking provider.


How are the animals kept?

Lamas and alpacas are herd animals. Since they tolerate cold well, keeping them in open stables with direct access to grassland is common. They usually graze on various meadows in their environment for eight to ten hours a day. In summer they need a shady shelter and always sufficient water. They are shorn once a year. Since they are distinct herd animals, an individual attitude is not allowed. Alpacas and llamas become fifteen to twenty-five years old.


What are the laws in Switzerland?

In Switzerland several laws are valid, which influence the animal-friendly keeping of alpacas and llamas. The Animal Protection Act (TSCHG) serves to protect the dignity and welfare of the animals. According to Art 31 of the TSCHG, a permit is required for commercial use and proof of expertise for keeping the animals must be available.

The implementing animal protection regulation (TSchV) regulates the attitude, the use and handling of the animals. The ordinance of the Federal Office for Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs (BLV) on the keeping of farm animals and pets (HaustierV) is based on this.

The BLV has published a professional information based on all legal requirements, which lists in detail all minimum requirements for keeping llamas and alpacas.

Alpaca on the mountain

Prices: Daily flat rate 100 CHF per person, day and multi-day trekking from 6 persons. Alpaca am Berg offers trekking with and without overnight stays on the Jura heights and along the Aare. The mountains attract with 1.000 to 1.500 meters height and partly particularly beautiful views. Highlights:

  • Group events by the hour or day (e.g. children’s birthday party, school trip)
  • Wedding Accompaniment
  • Home visits
  • Easy walks and trekkings through the mountains or along the river
  • Combined boat tours with walk back
  • Combined cable car ride with alpaca trekking on the Weissenstein mountain

Description: Barbara and Martin Herrmann run the farm in Flumenthal in the canton of Solothurn. The meeting point is Flumenthal or the immediate vicinity (three km), depending on where the twelve alpacas and three llamas are grazing. Group events are offered as walks and trekking tours or in combination with barbecue or fondue parties. Depending on the customer’s wishes, bookings can be made for a minimum of one hour. Wedding accompaniment by llamas, donkeys and alpacas is a photogenic walk on the way to the wedding ceremony. For home visits the animals are brought directly to the home; they can be touched, carried out and photographed there. Combined boat tours start in Solothurn with a trip across the Aare to Zuchwil or Altreu. The animals are with you and accompany you on foot on the way back. A cable car ride with the alpaca leads up to the Weissenstein mountain and is combined with trekking. Easy walks do not require any special fitness, for longer trekkings a normal fitness is sufficient. You can book tours here all year round and for any special day, even at short notice. Please always bring sturdy shoes and weatherproof mountain clothing.

Extras: Especially for barbecue and fondue exchange you can book the catering. Overnight stays (in straw, tipi, tent or dormitory) are also offered for a fee.

Included: Luggage transport is included. Photos are provided free of charge via internet link. For combined tours complete prices are charged.


Wyland Usciit

Prices: The day tour llama trekking costs 360 CHF for adults and 240 CHF for children (4 to 16 years).

Wyland Usziit conducts llama trekking in different levels of difficulty in the district of Andelfingen/Canton Zurich. Especially interesting are tours in connection with geocaching or rafting.


  • Llama trekking
  • Llamas walk and taster meeting
  • Combined trekking with geocaching
  • Combination with animal observation with experts (beavers, birds, etc.)
  • In combination with a rafting tour on the Rhine or the Thur

Description: Petra and Martin Heussi offer llama trekking and walks on their farm in Marthalen. Walks serve to switch off from everyday life and do not require any special fitness. They last a maximum of 90 minutes. A trial encounter lasts 60 minutes and brings a first contact with the animals.

It is especially ideal for smaller children, especially since the two white ones of the five llamas come from Circus Nock. They are used to audience and noise. The trekking is done in different levels of difficulty and varies in length and terrain depending on the fitness and wishes of the participants. Starting point is Marthalen.

The farm is located outside the village in direction Rheinau. You can reach it by car from the center of the village via Lochstrasse and Radstrasse. For an individual trekking you can book a combination with geocaching, rafting tours on the Rhine or Thur or even with a bathing or food break. You should bring sturdy shoes and clothing suitable for the weather.

Extras: Lunch or dinner as a menu can be booked in addition to a half-day trek (four hours) for groups of three or more. It will be served after the end of the trek.

Included: Pick up from Marthalen station



Prices: For the big tour including alpaca driver’s license (four hours) you pay 60 CHF for two participants as an adult and 50 CHF for three. The prices for children from nine years on are 30 CHF with two additional adult participants.

For safety reasons, children under the age of nine are not allowed to drive an animal on their own. Therefore you do not pay anything when accompanied by an adult. Without an alpaca driver’s license the prices are reduced by 10 CHF.

The Wädisfarm conducts walks with alpacas in the surroundings of Hunzenschwil in the canton of Aargau. Before that you can take a half-hour alpaca driving license. Highlights:

  • Alpaca driver’s license
  • Small, medium and long walks
  • Children’s birthdays
  • School trips
  • Course

Description: Adele and Wädi Baumann keep seven alpacas in their farm on the farm in Hunzenschwil/ district of Lenzburg. For a first contact they recommend the alpaca driver’s license, which is acquired after thirty minutes of introduction.

The small, medium and large walks last between 75 minutes and 3.25 hours and lead into the surroundings of Hunzenschwil, mostly in and around the small local mountain Lotten. Parcourses are offered for small groups and families up to five persons.

The duration here is about one hour. The Wädisfarm is located on the south-eastern outskirts of Hunzenschwil in the Brandfisel-Strasse and is easily accessible from Aarau via the A1/exit Aarau-Ost or Route 5. The long walk is interrupted by a snack break. No special fitness is required, but good shoes are very important.

Extras: none

Included: the big tour includes a snack and drinks



Prices: One hour of parcour or walk with the alpacas costs 50 CHF for a maximum of four persons.

Alpakable is a small farm with four alpacas in Mönchaltdorf (Canton Zurich). Here you can make friends with alpacas, teach them small exercises and take walks around the farm.


  • Walks with small parcours
  • Visiting afternoons for groups
  • Workshops
  • Spinning course

Description: Monika Büchel and her family run the farm Alpakable as a non-profit association. It is located in Mönchaltdorf in the district of Uster and can be reached from Zurich via Forchstrasse and the A52 in just under half an hour.

Walks with easy parcours start with a round of questions around the farm and the alpacas. Afterwards you can feed the alpacas and make friends with them under supervision. Small exercises prepare you for the parcours, which is done before the walk around the farm.

Visiting afternoons for groups start very similar. Instead of parcours and walk you will feel and work with the wool of the alpacas. Besides, there will be a picnic for which you will bring your own food. In the workshops you will also get to know the alpacas before you get to know their wool and their processing. The spinning course is similar, in which you learn how to spin with hands, spindle and spinning wheel and also how to make a fleece from alpaca wool.

Extras: For visiting afternoons for groups an additional 5 CHF for material costs will be charged. Annual club memberships include, in addition to agreed alpaca visits, the use of the workshop to manufacture a desired product with alpaca wool.

Included: Included are the use of the equipment and the wool you need for visiting afternoons, workshops or spinning classes.


Farm Neuhof

Prices: Prices are calculated by the hour per animal (not by person). One hour with an animal costs 25 CHF, each additional hour 10 CHF. These prices are valid from a minimum age of five years.

If at least three animals participate in the trekking, the costs of the first hour are reduced to 20 CHF each. The farm Neuhof offers alpaca trekking through the beautiful Fricktal, where peace and untouched nature in a nature reserve invite you to relax.


  • Alpaca Trekking
  • Wedding Shooting

Description: Claudia and Stephan Herzog have fourteen alpacas on their farm in Möhlin, which is located about three kilometers northeast of the town center near the Breitsee nature reserve. The Rhine is about two kilometers away.

From Basel, you can reach the farm in thirty minutes to the east via the A3 highway to exit 15-Rheinfelden-Ost. The path leads from the farm through the forest, along the Rhine and past fields. Alpaca trekking is carried out daily, except on Sundays, if there are two or more animals. In the months of July and August there is no trekking offered because of the higher temperatures. The wedding shooting is meant for great photos with the alpacas. Duration and price need a previous agreement.

Extras: Alpaca wool and alpaca blankets can be bought at the farm.

Includes: accompanying persons who do not lead an animal.



Prices: Two llama costs for a whole day llama trekking 300 CHF, each additional llama 20 CHF. For one hour the prices are reduced to 70 CHF and 5 CHF for each additional llama.

The children’s birthday party costs 175 CHF. The Meier-Hof near Bülach carries out llama trekking on the Höriberg. In the Zurich Unterland, a leisurely walk serves to relax.


  • Llama trekking
  • Children’s birthday party
  • School classes

Description: Albert and Greth Meier own a total of twenty-two llamas and two alpacas on their farm at Meier-Hof. The grazing areas are located directly in the area of the landing approach to Zurich Airport. Lama trekking can be booked all year round and is offered as a relaxing walk up the 474-meter Höriberg.

The Meier-Hof is located in Höri on the Glatt River in Hochfelderstrasse near the Niederhöri school. You can reach it from Zurich in a northerly direction in about twenty minutes via the A1L and A51 freeways. Within the village, the signpost meier-lamas leads to the farm. To get to know the animals, you may stroke and brush them beforehand.

At a children’s birthday party, the birthday child, who must be at least seven years old, may choose a llama and invite a maximum of nine friends. He can pet and brush the llama and lead it to Höriberg itself. This takes about 2-2.5 hours in total. The offer for school classes corresponds largely to llama trekking.

Extras: Drinks and snacks can be bought in the Lamastübli of the Meier-Hof.

Includes: own photos; the children’s birthday party includes a snack

Lama Farm Yacana

Prices: 50 CHF for up to 6 persons (adults and/or children), 60 CHF for 7- 10 persons and 70 CHF for 11-20 persons. The prices are per animal and hour. The Lama Farm Yacana offers Lama walks and meditative tours around the farm on the edge of the forest. Attached to the farm is a small store with products made of llama wool. Highlights:

  • Lama walks, also with alpaca
  • Meditative Tours
  • Photo shooting
  • Drawing and painting

Description: Karin Juling Hauser currently has three llamas and one male alpaca on Lama Farm Yacana. The farm is located in the city of Gossau in the canton of St. Gallen.

You can reach it from Zurich via Forchstrasse, the A 52 freeway, Leerütistrasse to Grütstrasse in Gossau. The Lama walks can be booked all year round, even independently of the official opening hours. They walk through the forest and sometimes climb up the hillside. Meditative walks take place on the farm with selected animals. For the photo shoot you can use the spacious enclosure.

Meetings with the lamas for painting and drawing are also possible on Lama Farm Yacana. For the walks you should bring appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes.

Extras: Brötli following a llama trekking can be booked additionally in the yurt café on the farm. It is however only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays.



Llama trekking in the Bucheggberg / Dürihof

Prices: A seven-hour day tour for four people costs 120 CHF per person for adults and 85 CHF for children between 8 and 16 years. A child’s birthday party with llamas costs CHF 25 per child. The Dürihof in Aetigkofen has eighteen llamas with which you can go llama trekking in nearby Bucheggberg. The hilly country lies in the canton of Solothun.


  • Therapies
  • Llama trekking
  • Fabulous Trekking
  • Children’s birthday party with llamas
  • Leadership Training

Description: Tanja Burkolter and Ernesto Romano and their llamas also treat people and even visit them in homes. On the way to their patients, the llamas even use a lift. The llama trekking goes through the hills of Bucheggberg or to a forest hut where Ernesto Romano tells fairy tales to the participants.

He calls this trekking fairy tale trekking. With three fairy tales it takes about two hours. The children’s birthday party lasts about three hours and includes a small trekking round followed by a grilled cervelat and for dessert a birthday cake. The Lama guide training also includes a parcours and a small trekking tour.

For companies, team building with llamas is offered, which includes a change of animals in the leadership training. Additionally the farm has several combination offers. Clothing adapted to the weather and sturdy shoes are required for the trekking.

Extras: Picnic on the day tour costs an additional 15 CHF per person.

Includes: –


Llama trekking Giswil

Prices: 350 CHF all-inclusive price day tour for 1 to 6 persons, the price includes 5 llamas. 40 CHF additional for each additional person, 20 CHF additional for each additional llama.

Lama-Trekking Giswil conducts llama trekking along a torrent in central Switzerland. Two-day hikes lead over the one thousand meter high Hasliberg to Giswil.


  • Llama trekking half-day, day and 2-day tours
  • School trips
  • Fondue Tour
  • Children’s birthday party
  • Handicap
  • Class Camp

Description: Marlene and Ernst Ambauen keep fourteen llamas on their farm in Giswil in the canton of Obwalden. You can find them only one hundred meters from the train station. Meeting point for llama trekking is therefore usually the train station in Giswil. The half-day trek leads from there through the settlement, the six-hour day trek to the Laui, a ten-kilometer-long wild river in Giswel.

There you can eat the food you brought yourself before you return with the llamas. Two-day tours lead from the starting point at Meiringen Hasliberg/Wasserwendi to Brünig and the next day along Lake Lungern to Giswil. Walking time is about four hours a day at Lamatempo. For the first day you bring your own food. Good shoes and sun/rain protection are also important.

School trips are day trekking tours for up to 30 participants. The fondue tour lasts two to three hours and includes a fondue in the forest with wine, cake and chelli from the fire. The children’s birthday party includes a two-hour trek with a picnic that you bring along. Tours for people with disabilities are discussed and planned individually.

A class camp can last between two days and a week. The details will be planned individually. Extras: Drinks during the two-day trekking are to be paid for by the participants Included:

  • For the two-day trek: dinner and overnight stay in the dormitory and breakfast and lunch on the second day; night luggage will be transported by car.
  • The llamas carry the picnic they have taken part in during each trek.
  • During the fondue tour: food and drinks



Prices: 80 CHF per family for the two to four hour tours during the summer vacations. Individual day tours for up to 12 people cost 420 CHF, multi-day tours for up to 18 people.

Lamaventura lets you experience mountain tours with llamas in Graubünden. The Surselva region is characterized by beautiful mountain lakes and beautiful mountain meadows between mountains and passes.


  • Lama trekking for families in Brigels or Disentis
  • Individual half-day or day tour llama trekking according to customer’s wishes
  • Multi day trekking with Packlamas

Description: During the summer vacations Nadia and David Deplazes offer about four-hour llama trekkings (Mondays) around Brigels or two-hour tours (Tuesdays) around Disentis. Meeting point for Disentis is in summer Salaplauna, Klosterstall and in autumn the MGB stop Acla da Fontauna.

For Brigels, the starting point is at the Sogn Giacun Chapel in Brigels, before you walk through the fairytale Plaun da Plaids. The minimum age is four years. You must bring your own food. Closed shoes with a good profile are important.

Meeting point for individual half-day or day tours is usually the Lamaventura farm in Surrein or the Sumvitg Lamaweide or the Rhaetian Railway stop. The destinations of individual trekkings can be planned directly with the organizer. Tours lasting between three and fourteen days are offered. You will be accompanied by a hiking guide with a federal certificate of competence.

You will be on your way through the mountains with pack animals. Conceivable are areas in Surselva, in the Greina plateau, in the Gotthard area or even a crossing of the Alps.

Extras: Overnight stay and food are to be paid by yourself

Included: For the vacation family tours: one guide and one llama per family


Lama and donkey trekking Tessenberg

Prices: A half day trekking (3 hours) costs for up to 10 persons 200 CHF, for each additional person 10 CHF. A day trekking (6 hrs.) for 10 persons is calculated with 400 CHF, each additional person pays 5 CHF.

Lama and donkey trekking Tessenberg takes you on various tours through the eight hundred meter high Tessenberg plateau, for example to Twannberg with a fantastic view of Lake Biel.


  • Tour 1 to Twannberg (3 hours, 10 km)
  • Tour 2 with sculpture and herb trail (4 hours, 10 km)
  • Tour 3 over the approx. 1,380 m high summit of Mont Sujet (Spitzberg) (3 hours, 10 km)
  • Tour 4 via Twannberg and Tannbach Gorge (6 hours, 15 km)
  • Tour 5 via Twannberg, Schlossfluh, Spitzberg, Tannbach Gorge (7 hours, 17 km)
  • 1/2 day llama trekking followed by a TOP barbecue
  • Camps 3-8 days (with own supervision) for schools, disabled and visually impaired people

Description: In the farm of Beni Blaser live eight llamas, four donkeys and two alpacas. His main focus is on challenging trekking, which leads through beautiful and spectacular landscapes. They are also very suitable for children, especially since the donkeys can be ridden without any problems.

Also the alpacas are sometimes present. Beni Blaser offers trekking of different lengths for companies, families, schools and for people with disabilities. The most popular highlight for companies or family celebrations is a half-day trek with a subsequent TOP barbecue with the barbecue mobile.

Trekking tours and camps lasting several days with daily trekking tours and games are offered and individually calculated.

Extras: Food during the trekking at the campfire (cooked wild salmon, barbecue, fondue or bread roll) between 10 and 25 CHF, complete barbecue with cook at booked TOP-Barbecue up to 30 persons 300 CHF plus km money. Three rooms for a total of up to 10 persons can be booked to make various excursions from here.

Includes: nothing


Lama Trekking nel Malcantone

Prices: A trekking with up to four people and four llamas costs 40 CHF per hour. From five participants and a maximum of six llamas the price is 50 CHF per hour.

The Lama Trekking nel Malcantone takes you with the llamas through a beautiful chestnut forest of Ticino to a viewpoint at the historic chapel Santa Maria with a panoramic view down to sunny Malcantone.


  • Taster Trekking
  • Half-day and day tours with and without picnic

Description: Hanspeter Frei keeps seven llamas on his farm. On the approximately one-hour trial course with llamas, you can walk comfortably with him through the chestnut forest up to the chapel Santa Maria. There are various options for half-day and day tours, which Hanspeter Frei can plan with you if necessary.

This includes a tour to the wild and romantic mountain stream Magliasina, which flows through Malcantone. Three popular hiking routes, two mountain railroads, regional festivals or markets in the area can also be included in the planning of the trekking routes. You can also go swimming in lakes or rivers and go diving with the llamas. There are also activities at the farm.

From the train station in Lugano you can take the post bus to Iseo or you can arrange to be picked up in Lugano. Lama trekking is done here all year round.

Extras: Bed and breakfast on Casa Gisoretta in hay, dormitory or own tent from 25 CHF for adults, 15 CHF for children. Half or full board are possible.

Includes: nothing


Lama trekking Ticino

Prices: For a taster trekking you pay 40 CHF as an adult, 30 CHF as a youth from 10-16 years and 20 CHF as a child under 10 years. A half-day trek costs 60 CHF for adults, 40 CHF for teenagers from 10-16 years, 25 CHF for children under 10 years, but at least 190 CHF per trek. For a day trek you should plan 90 CHF as an adult, 70 CHF for teenagers and 40 CHF for children under 10 years. A day trek costs at least 300 CHF.

During a llama trekking Ticino you will experience a unique panoramic view of the surrounding mountain landscape from Monte Comino, which is located at an altitude of about 1,200 meters.


  • Taster Trekking
  • Half day and day trekking
  • Multi-day trekking with overnight stays in the nature
  • Parties, anniversaries, birthdays in connection with llama trekking

Description: Marisa and Jean-Pierre Bäschlin have been breeding on Monte Comino in Centovalli Lamas since 2015. Currently they have 12 llamas, eight of them are stallions. A trial trekking takes about 1.5 hours, a half-day trekking 3.5 hours and a day trekking 6 hours. Each trek takes you over alpine meadows, peat bogs and forests of the region around the farm.

Several days trekking is combined with picnic and overnight stay in the nature. The whole luggage is carried by llamas and you will enjoy the great view on several peaks of the Ticino Alps and also on the Lake Maggiore. A popular and easy hike goes for example from Monte Comino to Mosogno. All trekking tours are planned and calculated directly with you. The same applies to celebrations at the farm, which should be combined with a trekking.

The farm Lamatrekking Ticino in Nucleo di Verdasio 1 is 1.2 kilometers from the station Funivia Verdasio (Monte Comino) of the Centovalli train. The valley station of the cable car to Monte Comino can be reached in a few minutes from the station. At the summit the way to the llama trekking is well signposted.

Extras: Duvets made of llama wool can be bought at the farm. Picnic food costs between 15 and 35 CHF per person.

Included: Picnic food can be included in the calculation.


Lörzbach Mill

Prices: A trekking for three hours costs 35 CHF per adult and 30 CHF per child. The minimum price is 200 CHF. For six hours the price is 65 CHF, for children 50 CHF. Schools pay a fixed price of 360 Euros for 12 children and three hours, 560 CHF for six hours and five CHF more for each additional child.

The prices of Lamatrekking Lörzbachmühle and Leimiswil are the same. Both farms are 80 kilometers apart, but are run by members of the same family.

Around the Lörzbachmühle you will experience the beautiful landscape of the canton Basel-Land at the border to France while lama trekking along the Lörzbach and in small forests nearby.


  • Trekking up to three hours
  • Trekking up to 4,5 hours
  • Trekking up to six hours
  • Trekking with school classes of twelve children or more
  • Multi-day trekking by arrangement

Description: Ruedi & Elisabeth Mosimann have been keeping llamas in Allschwill, Lörzbachmühlenweg 5b since 1993. Currently there are about thirty animals, twelve of which are intended for trekking. You can reach the farm by car from Basel via Schönbuchenstrasse or by bus line 33 to the Allschwill-Ziegelhof stop.

Extras: Apéro in the Tenn, in the Hof-Ensemble or in the Lörzbachtaler Festraum (32 seats) can be booked in addition, costs for up to 50 persons 20 CHF per person. You have to bring your own picnic, from 4,5 hours on a bratli is possible; you also have to bring that yourself.

Includes: a campfire on the way if the weather is fine


Lamatrekking Leimiswil

Prices: Adults pay 50 CHF, children 40 CHF for a 4.5 hour llama trek. The minimum price for this trek is 400 CHF. The prices of the llama trekking in Leimiswil and Lörzbachmühle are the same. Both trekking providers belong to the same family.

The Lamatrekking Leimiswil leads you along the farm’s own lavender field, over field paths and through forests in the Upper Aargau of the Canton of Bern. Highlights:

  • Trekking up to three hours
  • Trekking up to 4,5 hours
  • Trekking up to six hours
  • Trekking with school classes of twelve children or more
  • Multi-day trekking by arrangement

Description: Lamatrekking Leimiswil is operated by Helen and Markus Wegmüller-Mosimann in Leimiswil, Eichholz 10. They keep twelve llamas of the Lörzbachmühle on their farm in April, July, August and October. Its special feature is the violet lavender field in Leimiswil, which is a popular photo motif. All trekking tours are planned together with you.

You can reach the farm with the S6 or S7 train from or to Lucerne by getting off at Kleindietwil station and walking twenty minutes to the Eichholz or having someone pick you up.

Extras: Overnight stay in a lavender field (incl. lavender hüsli for all cases) with welcome aperitif and breakfast 290 CHF for two persons

Includes: a campfire on the way if the weather is fine


Llama trekking Wolhusen

Prices: A two-hour trek with a maximum of five people costs 200 CHF. For a trekking of about five hours, adults pay 65 CHF and children 40 CHF. The minimum price here is 300 CHF.

The Lamatrekking Wolhusen is carried out in the mountainous area west of the river kleine Emme along the Stampflgraben and requires a good physical condition.


  • Short trekking (small walk with the llamas)
  • Normal Trekking Tour

Description: Leonie and Ivo Bachmann have their farm in Wolhusen at Bergli 2. Meeting point for a llama trekking is the meadow opposite Kommetsrüti 80. Those who arrive by public transport will be picked up at the Wolhusen train station.

A short walk with the llamas takes about two hours in total. The trekking includes an introduction and the actual trekking. This takes about 1.5 hours with an ascent of 250 meters of altitude to two kilometers and takes place in all weather conditions. After a picnic break, the trek goes back about one hour.

The llama trekking is done on Saturdays from about 10 to 15 o’clock. One accompanying person is required for each child under eight years of age.

Extras: Picnic has to be taken along by yourself, if necessary it can be booked additionally after arrangement

Includes: nothing

Alpaca trekking Balmberg fir home

Prices: For four or more participants the following prices per person apply: 15 CHF for one hour, 25 CHF for two hours, 35 CHF for three hours. The alpaca trekking Balmberg Tannenheim leads you through the mountainous landscape of the Solothurn Jura with beautiful fir forests and limestone rocks around Balmberg.


  • Trekking tours between one and three hours duration
  • Individually planned trekking tours

Description: Elisabeth Bucheli Ryf and her husband Ernst Ryf have a seminar house at Oberbalmberg 23 and have been keeping alpacas here since 2009. At present there are eight animals.

Mrs. Ryf does the trekking. It will lead you through the mountainous area, which is located at about 1,000 meters altitude on the pass between Welschenrohr and Günsberg. Individual wishes are planned and calculated in direct consultation with you. Trekking shoes and adapted clothing are very important.

Extras: You have to bring your own picnic, after the trek there are restaurants nearby. The seminar and vacation home Tannenheim offers 38 beds with self-catering.

Includes: nothing


Fairytale Hotel Braunwald

Prices: Adults pay 15 CHF, children from 6-14 years 8 CHF. The small trek is free for children under six years and for hotel guests. The fairy tale hotel Braunwald organizes easy walks to an impressive waterfall in the car-free village of Braunwald in the Glarnerland, which you can only reach with the Braunwald cable car.


  • Lama trekking/walking with llamas
  • Children’s slides in llama and alpaca enclosures

Description: To the fairy tale hotel Braunwald belong the two llamas Montana and Fritz as well as the two alpacas Sam and Frodo. The Vogel family’s hotel offers a short llama trekking on Wednesdays free of charge for hotel guests.

It takes about one hour and is rather a leisurely walk from the hotel to the Zillibach waterfall and back. Children must be accompanied by adults. A 25 meter long adventure slide leads across the enclosure of llamas and alpacas and may be used by hotel guests. You can get to Braunwald by taking the Braunwald cable car, which runs every thirty minutes from the valley station to the top.

Next to the valley station is the SBB stop Linthal-Braunwaldbahn and a large parking lot.

Extras: Hotel with all facilities

Included: Drinks and a small snack during the rest at the Zillibach


Lama del Rio

Prices: Taster trekking costs 30 CHF for adults and 15 CHF for children, the minimum amount is 120 CHF. For a half day trekking adults pay 50, children from 10-16 years 40 and children under 10 years 10 CHF, the minimum amount is 150 CHF.

Day tours without board are available from 270 CHF (adults pay 90, children from 10-16 years 70 and children under 10 years 10 CHF). A llama trekking from Lama del Rio takes you over gentle meadow hills into the beautiful Emmental, past the river Emme and even over a suspension bridge.


  • Taster Trekking
  • Half day tours
  • Day Tours
  • Individual trekking (also adventure weekend, children’s party etc.)

Description: Irene Jörg and Peter Scheidegger run a llama breeding farm in Gotthelfstraße 14 in Lützelflüh and currently have seven stallions and five mares. The trial trekking takes about half an hour to one hour, a half-day trekking between two and three hours. You have to bring your own food in your backpack.

For the day trips you have the possibility to book food and drinks. Children under ten years of age may only lead a llama together with an adult. Hiking boots are very important for all participants. All trekking tours start at the farm or by individual arrangement.

Individual tours will be coordinated directly with you and planned together with you. Lützelflüh belongs to the canton of Bern and can be easily reached with the S4 in the direction of Langnau.

Extras: Food can be booked for day trips (adults pay 30 CHF, children from 10-16 years cost 20 CHF and smaller children 10 CHF). A party tent from 4×6 meters can be booked for children’s parties or similar celebrations.

Included: Meals, if included in the booking


Alp Stillaub

Prices: Taster trekking costs 48 CHF for adults and 28 CHF for children under 7 years. For a day trek without overnight stay adults pay 98 CHF and with overnight stay 150 CHF. For children under seven years these costs are 65 and 95 CHF.

From the Alp Stillaub you can discover the wilderness in the middle of the Biosphäre Entlebuch on trekking tours with llamas. Highlights:

  • Taster Trekking
  • Day trekking with dinner
  • Day trekking with overnight stay
  • Individual tours

Description: Since 2004 Priska & Toni Felder have been breeding llamas. Their herd in Finsterwald near Entlebuch has about fifty animals. In summer, they are all on the Alp Stillaub, which can be reached by car from Entlebuch via the Glaubenbergstrasse and from Restaurant Gfellen via a natural road after a total of 8.6 kilometers. The trial trekking takes about 1.5 hours.

During the day trekking with dinner a campfire with Älplermagronen is offered. It is only done in the months of May to September. The day trekking with overnight stay is an adventure in the middle of nature in a tepee or in the straw of a 200 year old storage of the Alp Stillaub. You should take a sleeping bag with you.

In the morning you will get a rich breakfast. Overnight stays are possible from June to September. Each llama trekking is carried out with a minimum of six participants.

Extras: You can book Älplermagronen at the campfire for 11 CHF (adults) or 9 CHF (children under 7 years). Bathing in the Hotpot (80 CHF) is possible by appointment, heating up takes 4-5 hours.

Included: Depending on the booking, the day trekking includes either dinner or additional bed and breakfast.


Lama trekking Schwarzenburg

Prices: A taster trekk costs 25 CHF per person (20 CHF for children under 16 years). For a trek lasting up to four hours, adults pay 55 CHF and children 40 CHF (minimum price 190 CHF). The day tour is calculated at 65 CHF for adults and 50 CHF for children (minimum price 230 CHF).

A llama trekking Schwarzenburg goes through the beautiful Gantrisch Nature Park in the Bernese Midlands of the Pre-Alps and has for example the Grasburg Castle ruins as its goal.


  • Taster Trekk
  • Half day tour
  • Day trekking
  • Individual tours with groups

Description: Vroni and Martin Mäder keep more than 30 llamas in Schwarzenburg at Katzenstyg 54 next to their farm. Their trial trek takes 1-2 hours, the half-day trek up to four hours.

The number of animals used during the trek will be discussed with you before the start. Individual tours with groups can be planned in direct consultation. Schwarzenburg is easy to reach from Bern with the S-Bahn.

Extras: barbecue (gas), tables and chairs

Includes: nothing


Llama ranch

Prices: Prices will be given to you on concrete requests. From the Lama Ranch you walk with the llamas through fragrant fields, meadows and forests, which partly rise strongly and then offer beautiful views.


  • Short day trekking
  • Longer day trekking
  • Two and more days trekking

Description: Christina and Dani Sägesser have, besides several other animals, eleven trained trekking llamas (including two mares) at their ranch in Wyssachen (Oberaargau), Heimigen 65.

A day trek can be booked as a short tour of about two hours or as a longer tour of about six hours. A longer day’s trek, for example, starts at the ranch in Heimigen and leads over Schafberg and Böschberg, past the Hälfligen cheese dairy and further uphill through the forest to Guggli, which is located at an altitude of about 1,000 meters. After the lunch break we continue down the forest to the Schonegg road.

Via Wyssachen you walk to Bärhegechnübeli with its legendary earth castle ruins, via Freudigenegg and Roggengratbad back to Oberwald near Wyssachen. Via Ischlag, Kätter and Längweid you will reach the Lama Ranch again after six hours of pure marching. All tours, especially the tours lasting several days, are planned by Christina and Dani Sägesser directly in consultation with you and then give you a cost calculation as an offer.

Extras: There is a dormitory for 20 people for overnight stay on the ranch and a bar, the Lamalero Bar. A barbecue tray or a gas barbecue can be rented. Overnight stay with breakfast costs 28 CHF for adults (from 16 years), children pay 15 CHF. Dinner incl. coffee is also available on request for 17 CHF (without other drinks), children pay 10 CHF.

Included: Apéro at the Lama-Ranch during a longer day trekking


Lama Ranch Brienz

Prices1: Trial trekking costs 30 CHF for adults, 20 CHF for children, but at least 100 CHF. For a half-day trek, adults pay 40 CHF, children 30 CHF. The minimum price is 140 CHF per trek. Full-day trekking is charged at 70 CHF for adults and 50 CHF for children, but at least 240 CHF per tour.

The published prices are from 2014, so they could be a little higher by now From the Lama Ranch Brienz you walk through the area around Brienz and have a unique view of the turquoise blue Lake Brienz and the surrounding mountains of the Bernese Alps.


  • Taster Trekking
  • Half-day hiking tours
  • Full day trekking

Description: The Flück family currently keeps seven llamas in Brienz, with which they offer trekking. Whether it is a trial trek of two hours or longer tours, the individual treks and their special features are planned directly with you.

Combinations with a visit to a game park, a campfire or barbecue on the way are possible. Half day tours last 3.5 to 4 hours, full day tours 5-6 hours. Lamatrekks also take place in winter, preferably combined with a fondue or raclette in the open air.

Extras: Catering/ beverages and possible transportation

Includes: nothing


Bristol Lama

Prices: adults pay 50 CHF for a trial trekking, children up to 16 years 30 CHF. Half-day tours cost 60 CHF, children up to 16 years pay 40 CHF. For full day tours you pay 100 CHF, children 80 CHF.

The tours from the Bristenlama farm in the beautiful Maderanertal valley let you admire the Gotthard massif and some of the 3000-metre mountains, which are powdered white even in summer, while you hike with the llamas through a beautiful landscape.


  • Taster Trekking
  • Morning or afternoon tour
  • Day trip
  • Individual tours

Description: The Fedier-Infanger family keeps about forty llamas in the canton of Uri in central Switzerland. All smaller tours are for 4-12 people all year round from Hof Bristenlama. The trial trekking takes two to three hours in total, a morning or afternoon tour four to five hours. In the summer months, if you are in good physical condition and have hiking boots, a short circular hike over the Ried and Amsteg is conceivable.

Day tours last seven to eight hours. They start at the valley station of the cable car Golzern, where the llamas are already waiting for you. You hike to the Maderanertal and have a lunch break at the Golzern bridge. At a campfire you can grill bratwurst or servelat, with bread, water and syrup. You will then hike on through a breathtaking alpine panorama to the Hotel Maderanertal. If you wish, a cab will take you back to the starting point.

In summer, the llamas graze on the Stäfeli Alp, which stretches on several relays up to the AACZ Windgällenhütte. The full day tours can only be booked for the period from June to August.

Extras: Aperitif, dessert or cake buffet or even barbecue by arrangement for trial and half-day tours; return by cab to the valley station of the Golzern cable car.

Included: Lunch for day tours


Llama Adventure

Prices: A day tour with llama trekking costs 65 CHF per person, the glacier tour or a Lama Fun per day 75 CHF.

Lama Adventure offers tours with llamas in the flat terrain on the north side of the Mischabel group. The glacier tour takes you along suonen (water channels) to the Riedgletscher in a valley of the Valais Alps, always with a view of the mountains and the glacier.


  • Taster tour four hours or day tour on flat terrain, also two-day tours
  • Glacier tour around the Riedgletscher with four hours of hiking in steeper terrain
  • Four-day vacation pass around Leuk, Raron or Visp, each with Lama Fun, circus and trekking
  • Lama Fun and therapy with lamas
  • One-week WWF camps with circus and trekking

Description: Dominique Gruber keeps 26 llamas on her farm in St. Niklaus/Canton Valais. Between May and October she offers llama trekking for groups such as school classes or families, but also for individuals. The hikes lead through flat or slightly steeper terrain, depending on the tour booked.

Besides fixed dates in her program you can also arrange tours directly with Dominique Gruber. During the summer vacations she offers three four-day tours with llamas as a vacation passport. She will hike with you through the landscapes from the mouth of the Visper valley to the northern Rhone valley to the west. Lama Fun is a meeting day with the llamas, the highlight of which is an obstacle course with fifteen posts. Therapy days with llamas are intended for people with disabilities, addicts and children with behavioural problems.

Reducing fear, achieving goals and taking responsibility for the animal are important parts of the therapy. A WWF camp is a one-week circus and trekking tour, which is mostly organized in cooperation with the WWF for the children in St. Niklaus and Grächen.

Extras: You have to bring your own snacks and lunch, even on two-day tours

Included: Everyone keeps his Lama on a leash

Lama Trekking Flüehli

Prices: A day tour costs 98 CHF for adults with meals, children pay 73 CHF. All trekking tours are carried out from five persons on, in all weather conditions.

Two-day tours cost 195 CHF, for children 120 CHF Lama Trekking Flüehli takes you on short tours to the Kneipp facility. Longer tours let you enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Central Swiss Pre-Alps with a view of the Sörenberg, the Waldemmental or impressive waterfalls.


  • Taster Trekking
  • Seniors’ Trekking
  • Half day and full day trekking
  • Two day trekking
  • Winter Trekking

Description: Irene and Martin Flipp have been keeping llamas since 2006, currently there are nineteen animals on their farm in Spierbergli 6. Flüehli is located in the canton of Lucerne, the tours always start in Flüehli, Hinter-Thorbach 3. During the trial trekking you will hike for a maximum of two hours to a lookout point above Flüehli or along the banks of the Emmen.

The senior trekking also takes about two hours, and you can choose from a variety of routes. On a half-day trekking you walk in a wide arc to a Kneipp facility with up to three hours walking time. Full day trekking starts at the Sattelschlucht gorge or leads you to the Waldemmen valley. Another route stops at a waterfall and a suspension bridge. For the two day tour you also go to the Sattelschlucht.

The hike ends in Guggenen with an overnight stay on the alp, the next day you will go back another way. Mountain hiking equipment with sun and rain protection is absolutely necessary here. Winter trekking is a maximum two-hour trek through the snow.

Extras: Please bring your own snacks and water

Included: Meals from the backpack or after return at the starting point, for two-day tours overnight stay on the alp with dinner and breakfast. Children under 10 years of age lead a llama together with an adult.


Kluser Lamas

Prices: Adventure trekking costs 70 CHF incl. snack (aperitif) for adults from four persons, 65 CHF for eight persons and more. Children pay 40 CHF or 35 CHF. A children’s party costs 250 CHF for 10 children, afterwards 5 CHF per child has to be paid additionally. 1 week school vacation camp costs 350 CHF total, for siblings and children of single parents 330 CHF.

At the Obere Klus farm , you can enjoy the magnificent hilly landscape of the Jura with its forests, fields and vineyards, while keeping a lama on a leash.


  • Taster Trekking
  • Adventure Trekking
  • Animal Assisted Therapies
  • Children’s parties
  • School vacation camp (duration one week each)

Description: Daniela Tschaggelar keeps 13 cuddly Wooly-Lamas and two Alpacas on her farm Obere Klus. Six to nine llamas are available as recreational animals to walk with you through the hills, meadows and forests of the canton of Basel-Landschaft. The trial trekking includes a short walk (1.5 hours) to get to know the animals. The adventure trekking takes you with the animals a little longer (2-2,5 hrs.) through the area and afterwards there is a small snack on the farm.

The animal-supported therapies help with mental and/or physical diseases. They are carried out exclusively with specialized personnel and in cooperation with a professional institution and do not include trekking, but rather animal care and occupation with the animals. Children’s parties can be booked for groups of ten or more children. After a two-hour llama program, you can continue celebrating alone for one hour, eat cake and play.

In the summer and autumn vacations, children from the 2nd school year onwards can walk, feed and care for the llamas and other animals for one week. They also play and do handicrafts. Those who like may spend one night on the farm during the week. Events for business occasions will be arranged and calculated directly with you.

Extras: In winter the heated Lamastüberl is available for children’s parties etc., you can buy it here: 1,5l mineral bottles (3 CHF/bottle, incl. mug), rent for gas grill 10 CHF / occasion, 50 CHF for one night in the camp incl. breakfast and dinner

Included: The aperitif (bread, cheese, sausage, non-alcoholic drinks) is only included in the price of the adventure tours. The camps during the school vacations include the supervision of the children, food, drinks, material etc. as well as the final barbecue with the parents (no alcoholic drinks).

Arvenhof Serneus

Prices: 90 CHF (children up to 14 years 70 CHF) you pay for a day tour with lunch from four participants. Two-day tours with full board cost 240 CHF (children 210 CHF) with four or more participants (there is a surcharge for only 2-3 participants). Children’s birthday parties for 10 children cost between 300 and 350 CHF.

The Arvenhof offers you guided trekking tours with or without campfire in the middle of the beautiful high mountains at about 1000 meters above sea level in the Prättigau. Green meadows, white limestone and crystal clear mountain lakes characterize this region.


  • Half-day trekking tours (midday, afternoon or evening)
  • ¾ Day and full-day trekking tours
  • 2-day tours with overnight stay and full board
  • Multi-day tours with full board on request (e.g. to the green lake at the Durannapass, to Conters, Casanna or to the Fideriser Heubergen)
  • Children’s birthday party
  • Lama trekking for people with special needs

Description: Rico and Larissa Jegen have up to forty llamas on their farm in Serneus. The half-day trekking tours take you along the river for about two hours. The evening tours also include an evening barbecue (with food) of about one hour (lunch tour half an hour). ¾ Day tours take a similar route or lead for example uphill to Rüti. They have a total duration of about 5.5 hours including food.

The full day tours are offered by Rico and Larissa in different levels of difficulty. The destination Schifer is reached on different ways. After a lunch at the campfire you will go back. All two- and multi-day tours are individually arranged and planned with you.

For the children’s birthday party, either a trekking or a gymkhana (course running) with llamas is conceivable. The trekking tours are individually adapted for people with special needs.

Extras: Beverages etc. consumed or purchased in the mountain house or restaurant must be paid for by yourself.

Included: Food and drinks (except afternoon tour), drink on the way

Organic farm Pauraria Puntetta Müstair

Prices: Adults pay 40 CHF for taster courses. Children take part free of charge as soon as at least two adults are present. Individual trekking costs 240 CHF (five hours).

The organic farm Pauraria Puntetta offers Lamatrekking through the water-rich mountain landscape of the Münstertal in Graubünden at 1,200 meters altitude for the whole family.


  • Lama trial trekking for the whole family
  • Individual llama trekking

Description: Monika and Isidor Sepp are accepting registrations for trial courses until the day before. They last about two hours and always start on Wednesdays from July to October 10 am, in February 1 pm. Meeting point is in the Pauraria Puntetta. They plan individual tours directly with you.

Extras: none

Includes: nothing

Yak and Lama Farm Gädemli

Prices: For the day trekking adults pay 100 CHF and children 85 CHF (10 -14 years) with 3-5 participants, the minimum price is 300 CHF in total. The Plauschtrek costs 65 CHF for adults, 55 CHF for children from 7-14 years and 40 CHF for children under 7 years, the minimum price is 225 CHF.

The Yak and Lama Farm Gädemli offers trekking tours with llamas in the Safiental valley, which get a special atmosphere due to the Safier mountain landscape all around and the view of the 2,800 meter high Piz Fess.


  • Day trekking with llamas
  • Family fun trek with llamas

Description: Erwin and Angelika Brandli have ten lamas on their farm next to yaks and camels. They offer llama trekking as day trekking (6-8 hours) and as family fun (4,5 hours). Participants will be picked up at Safien Platz, to which the post bus will take you from the Versam Station of the Rhaetian Railway. The day’s trekking takes two hours uphill into the mountain landscape.

Upstairs you will be served homemade specialties of the Brandli farm and after the return trip you will have a cosy snack at the farm. Children are only allowed to participate from 10 years of age. Mountain boots and weatherproof clothing are a must. The Plauschtrek for families hikes about one hour to the picnic area. Children under 7 years old lead a llama together with an adult. After a two-hour stay, the trek returns. Lama trekking is offered from May to October.

Extras: none

Included: Lunch with drink and snack (day trekking), mountain guide

Animal adventure farm Urnäsch

Prices: 65 CHF per person costs the big trekking tour (minimum four persons or 360 CHF per tour). 30 CHF per child are calculated for birthday parties for 6 children or more. If less than six children participate, the party costs a flat rate of 180 CHF.

From the Animal Adventure Farm you will experience a green and extraordinarily beautiful mountain landscape of the Appenzell Alps around Urnäsch with peaks up to 1,300 meters high while trekking with llamas and alpacas.


  • Trekking Trial Tour
  • Trekking Middle Tour
  • Trekking Grand Tour
  • Adventure mornings for children with all animals
  • Children’s birthday party in a decorated stable or in nature

Description: Monika Egli guides you through the area with alpacas and llamas. The hike takes about half of the total time. Children without an accompanying person must be at least 10 years old during the trek. With an accompanying person, children from 3 years of age may participate in the trek.

An introductory tour lasts about one hour, the middle tour two hours and the big tour three hours. Adventure mornings for children from 3-14 years of age take place one Saturday morning a month for one semester and last three hours each. Birthday parties on the farm or in the open air with treasure hunt and Indian tipi can be arranged with llamas and alpacas if desired.

Extras: Barbecue, use of the fireplace or history in the Indian tipi after the trek can be booked.

Included: a small snack(not on the trial tour), children’s birthday: birthday cake and drinks


Prices: 20 CHF per person for two hours of llama or alpaca experiences Gnöd5 offers you experiences in the rural area of the canton of Solothurn with llamas and alpacas, ponies and goats are also available on request. Popular hiking trails along the Cholersbach stream lead through the forest to the Tüfelsschlucht gorge at the beautiful southern foot of the Jura.


  • Walking or trekking with the animals (length and duration by arrangement)
  • Obstacle course with llamas or alpacas

Description: Sabrina Rauscher & Adrian Schöni are happy to plan the experiences individually with you. They offer shorter and longer trekking tours or walks around Hägendorf.

As stopovers they offer various restaurants or a visit to one of the most modern and largest farms in the area. If you are not planning a trekking tour, you can also take part in an obstacle course with a llama or alpaca after getting to know each other.

Extras: none

Includes: none


Lama and Co

Prices: A trial trip for up to four people costs 140 CHF, above that 35 CHF per person. For the Seebergsee-Trekking (full day) you pay 75 CHF per person, with picnic 90 CHF. Two-day tours for whole families cost 880 CHF per family.

Lama und Co offers llama & goat trekking in the wild and romantic alpine country of the Bernese Oberland. You hike over alpine meadows to the Seebergsee and possibly further to the jagged rocks of the Geissfluh.


  • Taster Trek
  • Sunrise Trek etc.
  • Seebergsee-Trekking (2,5 hours hiking plus 4 hours stay at the lake)
  • Family adventure with overnight stay in tents (two-day tours)
  • Winter trekking and individual company events

Description: Hugo Frieden is very flexible with a planned trial trekking, because it starts directly at his farm. It takes 1.5 to 2 hours. Sunrise trekking etc. is organized by appointment. For a Seebergsee trekking you can choose if you want to go with llamas and/or goats. You will hike through the beautiful nature park Diemtigtal and stay at the lake for four hours, where you can also have a picnic. The two-day tours are also suitable for small children and start at the Gestelen parking lot.

Goats and llamas will accompany you through the alpine meadows to the Seebergsee. After a picnic, you will continue in the direction of Geissfluh. The area is characterized by jagged rocks and gnarled mountain firs. Here the tents will be pitched and a campfire lit. Winter trekking is a leisurely two-hour hike through the snow with goats and llamas, offered with or without a meal at the Alphüttli. Overnight stays are also possible here.

Corporate events are offered very similarly.

Extras: for 15 CHF per person you can book a picnic

Included: depending on the booking a picnic is included

Animal Experience Bonbons

Prices: The minimum price for a trekking is 200 CHF. Each trek is planned individually and with or without food. The farm animal experience Bonstetten lets you enjoy the beautiful area around Bonstetten with an individual llama trekking.


  • Short Trekking
  • Half day trekking
  • Children’s birthdays, company events, family trips
  • Therapy with lamas

Description: Petra Ingold-Huber primarily offers very individually planned trekking tours, children’s birthdays or family outings. You have the possibility to arrange short trips or half-day trekking up to four hours or to book meetings with the llamas at the farm.

Extras: Catering can be booked in addition.

Included: according to agreement



Prices: A children’s birthday trekking costs at least 300 CHF, a trekking to Heidegg Castle at least 350 CHF. The minimum price for a Fürobig trekking (without board) is 250 CHF and for a Nature-Pur trekking (without board) 450 CHF.

The Wendelhof offers llama trekking in the beautiful Lucerne Seetal with a fantastic view of the mountains and Lake Baldeggersee.


  • Castle-Heidegg-Trekking or Lamatrekking with cultural experience
  • Children’s Birthday Trekking
  • Fürobig-Trekking
  • Nature-Pur-Trekking
  • Individually planned llama trekking

Description: Bernadette Rüttimann Oehen and Stefan Oehen keep more than one hundred llamas on their large farm. They breed and sell llamas, use them for farming and offer llama trekking. Their farm comprises 16 hectares of agricultural land and 4 hectares of forest.

A llama trekking with cultural experience lasts two hours and includes a visit to the castle Heidegg, which is 2.5 kilometers away, with its castle garden and beautiful vineyard. Individual meals are served in the castle or in the wine cellar. The way back is not on foot, but a transport is organized. During the children’s birthday trekking, which is scheduled to last three hours, a lot of time is spent getting to know and caring for the llamas by the children before the trekking tour leads over meadows and forests.

A bread roll is available in the moat of the ruin Nünegg in Lieli, which is about one kilometer away from the farm. The two-hour Fürobig trekking tour takes you comfortably over the Lindenberg, on whose high terrace on the western slope Lieli is located among other villages. The llama trekking tour Nature-Pur-Trekking takes you four hours along the Ballmoor. Here you can get to know the typical plants of a high moor.

Extras: Apéro at the Fürobig-Trekking and Nature-Pur-Trekking

Included: Meals (except for the Fürobig and Nature-Pur-Trekking)

Farmhouse panoramic view

Prices: A llama trekking costs 25 CHF per person with at least six participants, or a flat rate of 150 CHF for fewer participants. Farmhouse Panoramic View offers short walks with llamas in the rural environment of the farmhouse.

In the immediate vicinity of the farm, the Rotbach flows within the small reef forest and offers a pleasant, tranquil and calming atmosphere.


  • Llama trekking
  • Lama encounter experience

Description: Lucia and Brent Kerr will lead you for about 1.5 hours through several small forests, you will pass waterfalls and take a break where you can refresh yourself with snacks. The paths are easy to walk but not suitable for wheelchairs. Therefore there is the possibility for people with reduced mobility to experience the llamas directly at the farm. The Lama Encounter Experience is a one-hour program. You can feed the llamas, stroke them or just watch them.

Extras: Refreshment in the barn is a small café at the neighbor’s house, which is only 80 meters away from the farmhouse. In the cottage you can stay in a handicapped accessible accommodation in groups up to 21 persons (seven bedrooms), also in half or full board.

Included: small snack during trekking

Zahir Arabians Mini Zoo

Prices: The prices are not publicly known, but a direct booking via paypal is possible. According to a newspaper report a camel trekking for two persons costs 100 CHF.

https://www.j3l.ch/de/P33311/bauernhof-zoo-zahir Zahir Arabians Mini-zoo offers camel and goat trekking through the beautiful meadows and forests of the Bernese Jura on the northern edge of the Tessenberg plateau. Lamboing lies at the foot of the Spitzberg and above Lake Biel and offers fantastic views.


  • Camel trekking with fondue or grill
  • Walk with alpacas (combined with camel ride)

Description: Since 1997 Anita Hirschi and her partner Thomas Moser have created a mini-zoo as a place of mercy for unwanted animals. In addition to many other animals, they also have camels, alpacas and mountain goats in their stock. For small groups (6-16 persons) who book a camel trekking, lunch or dinner is served in the yurt or outdoors if required.

The focus of all trekking tours offered here is on camels. A walk with the three alpacas is combined with a booked camel ride of at least five persons.

Extras: Lunch or dinner in the yurt (winter fondue, summer grill) have to be booked separately.

Includes: nothing

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