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The museums in Switzerland are very broad, ranging from automobile museums to art museums and chocolate museums. However, the majority of museums in the museum country are concerned with the regional history and culture of the people.

In 2019, 1,129 museums were registered in Switzerland, a third of which are local and regional museums, most of which are also located locally in these municipalities. In total, more than 75 million objects are kept in Swiss museums.

Whether called national museum, town museum, local museum, school museum or museum of local history, the regional museums show how people lived in former times, what attracted them or what work they did. These museums thus excellently preserve Switzerland’s cultural heritage.

170 art museums are the next larger block in the repertoire of Swiss museums. This is also due to the fact that some large art collections come from industrialist families. In Winterthur, for example, there is the collection of Oskar Reinhart and in Basel the collection of Emmanuel Hoffmann. Many art museums that were established in Switzerland in the 20th century were privately financed. One such is the Museum of Paul Klee in Bern.

149 technical and 127 historical museums together make up another quarter of the museums. The remainder are natural science, archaeological, ethnographic and other museums. The 218 other museums are museums with collections that no other museum can match. Such museums include the Frog Museum in Münchenstein, the Olympic Museum in Lausanne and the Swiss Science Center Technorama in Winterthur.

The Swiss Museum Pass lets you visit as many museums as you like in one year. You can choose from more than 500 museums in Switzerland.

Museum Pass categories:

  • Annual pass for 1 adult person
  • Annual Pass PLUS for 1 adult person plus max. 3 children under 16 years (they do not have to be their own)
  • Family pass for 2 adults plus the children under 16

A museum pass is valid for one year, from a date of your choice. It is personal and non-transferable, but can also be ordered as impersonal vouchers.

You can buy the museum pass in larger museums, at the counter of a Swiss post office, at any railway ticket office or in larger tourist offices. When you buy a Swiss Travel Pass or the Swiss Travel Pass Flex, the museum pass is included for the selected days. This also applies to Swiss Travel System tickets sold abroad.

Personal Swiss Raiffeisen Maestro cards, MasterCards, Visa Cards and V PAY cards are considered Swiss Museum Passes if the member identification is also shown on the back of the card. This does not apply to German and Austrian Raiffeisen cards.

Museums are interesting for children when they are allowed to interact. Here are some of these museums:

  • Kulturama in Zurich: Hands-on human history with children’s workshops, puzzles and experiments
  • Children’s Museum Creaviva at the Paul Kle
  • Zentrum Bern: Children aged four and over can be creative themselves
  • Swiss Children’s Museum in Baden: Singing, handicrafts, listening to fairy tales
  • Sensorium in Walkringen: Feel, taste, hear, touch and see, children can experience all five senses intensively at 70 play stations.
  • Swiss Science Center Technorama in Winterthur: Scooping giant soap bubbles, making ice crystals dance, playing drums with raindrops or looking into the eye of a tornado
  • Ebianum Excavator Museum Fisibach: Children can climb onto the driver’s cab and play in a huge sandbox