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Mountain tops

Switzerland is a country of mountains. From the mountain tops of the three and four thousand meter peaks you can admire a mountain panorama that takes every visitor’s breath away.

Today, it is easy to climb these mountains; because rack railroads and cable cars take you almost everywhere.

How many mountain tops are there in Switzerland?

Switzerland alone has 48 four-thousand-meter peaks and 329 three-thousand-meter peaks. In total there are more than 8,800 mountain peaks in Switzerland.


What are the ten highest mountain tops in Switzerland?

Most of the ten highest mountain tops can be found in the Valais Alps.

4634 m Dufourspitze
4545 m dome
4527 m Liskamm
4505 m Weisshorn
4478 m Matterhorn
4357 m Dent Blanche
4314 m Grand Combin
4274 m Finsteraarhorn
4221 m Zinal red horn
4206 m Alphubel

How do I get to the mountain tops?

Today, mountain railroads make almost every peak accessible. Most of them are cable cars as cable cars, in addition to chair lifts and ski tows for winter sports enthusiasts. Centuries-old nostalgic rack railroads climb enormous heights and gradients. For example, the Jungfrau Railway reaches a height of 3,454 meters, which earned its summit station the nickname Top of Europe.

The cogwheel railroad up to Pilatus Kulm reaches gradients of up to 48%. Supermodern cable cars such as the Rotair gondola on the Titlis rotate along the way, allowing you to enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view while you’re still on your way. A total of about 1,000 kilometers of cable cars and 127 kilometers of rack railroads are accessible in the Swiss mountains.



It doesn’t always have to be one of the highest peaks you choose to hike. Monte Tamaro, for example, is just under 2,000 meters high and quite easy to hike. From here, on a clear day, you can see both the highest peak with the 4,634-meter-high Dufourspitze and the lowest point in Switzerland, the Lago Maggiore at 193 meters.